Alchemizing a Human Art Experience



The tangible and intangible are swimming around us in every moment. 

As light bleeds and weaves through multiple layers, levels and frequency color, we begin to sense a connectedness that transcends our human form and verbalization. It is a space in between where feelings are met, shared, blended, ignited and flow just as the river over the earth and the aurora borealis over the night sky. 

I am looking at myself when I am looking at you. Colorings of frequencies swirling at such an astounding rate that a dense matter of formed color stands in front of me. I can touch it, taste it, smell it, have a conversation with it as another dense matter appears. Each swirling, finding a path in the dance of combustible alchemy as the frequencies change, altered by the dynamic touch of combined mass.

In this state of connected awareness, I feel myself one with this moment, with all that is and ever will be. In this moment, we are all one…and in this space, and in this time, I send a wish with my heart and mind.


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Installation may be viewed at The Wellness Collective thru October 20, 2017 M-F during opening hours. Next immersion with the full integrated light aspects is Friday, Sept. 29th for Using Psychic Senses to make a Human Painting. Below, you will find artwork meaning and purchase inquiry. Much love, xx

Opening Night Event Photography by Elizabeth Kadwell

"WORTH" 24"x48" Oil pastel on canvas

Represents a path unfolding between life and death. The deliberate lack of color throughout the piece is symbolic of moments in life where we feel connected to something larger than we can comprehend. 

This piece symbolizes the pinnacle life moments when we internally feel our sense of self-worth, of value. Our entire life changes and upgrades the more we can feel our sense of self. 

"mirror, mirror" 24"x48" oil pastel on canvas

Represents the dynamic color swirling of a human not encased within flesh form.

This piece symbolizes the pinnacle life moment after we've achieved many encounters of learning our sense of self-worth and trusting in where our path is unfolding. Once we've unleashed limiting perceptions, when we see ourselves in a mirror, we see the beauty. Once we can see the wholeness of our beauty, we can see that in others and it is reflected back to us. 

"unleash" 18"X36" oil pastel on canvas

Represents the releasing of limiting perceptions held within our eye sight. 

This piece symbolizes the pinnacle life moments where we are shedding, either through tears of joy/sadness/grief, etc, to peel away the layers of self-realization of our authentic beauty. 

"i hear you magic man" 24"x48" oil pastel on canvas

Represents the ethereal energy bond between two souls communicating to one another on the tails of wind. 

Essentially, this piece symbolizes the pinnacle life moment of connecting with our life partner. In dating, you sense when the connection just doesn't fit, it's intuitive, and you feel when it works and when it does not. 


"alchemy" 18x36" oil pastel on canvas

Represents the transformation of a new form via the desired creation of two joining together to make a third. 

chakra splatter series

The seven chakras are energy focal points in our bodies in which energy flows through.

The function of the chakras is to spin and draw in energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance.

This component of the installation represents the universal energy points of our known universe. Our world is made up of color - 7 rays - 7 chakras - everything is energy, color. The splatter pieces are symbolic representations of the constellations flying around us, over us, through us, as us. We are the cosmos.