Alchemizing a Human Art Experience

Alchemizing a Human Art Installation examines life when we strip away the details and see everything in terms of color. The Infinity Mirrors represent the end caps of life and death with the major Oil Pastel pieces representing Pinnacle Life Moments that everyone has on a life journey. Our known universe is made up of 7 rays on the color spectrum and are symbolized by the Chakra symbols with the splatter pieces surrounding them representing constellations. We are a cosmos within a cosmos. What if we saw life as only color, how incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring that story is.



The tangible and intangible are swimming around us in every moment. 

As light bleeds and weaves through multiple layers, levels and frequency color, we begin to sense a connectedness that transcends our human form and verbalization. It is a space in between where feelings are met, shared, blended, ignited and flow just as the river over the earth and the aurora borealis over the night sky. 

I am looking at myself when I am looking at you. Colorings of frequencies swirling at such an astounding rate that a dense matter of formed color stands in front of me. I can touch it, taste it, smell it, have a conversation with it as another dense matter appears. Each swirling, finding a path in the dance of combustible alchemy as the frequencies change, altered by the dynamic touch of combined mass.

In this state of connected awareness, I feel myself one with this moment, with all that is and ever will be. In this moment, we are all one…and in this space, and in this time, I send a wish with my heart and mind.


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Opening Night Event Photography by Elizabeth Kadwell