Art Yourself

For those wishing to transform a moment of their life into an original oil pastel piece of art. 

a transformation experience

I'll take you on an abstract artistic journey of your own emotional undercurrents. Art speaks to, and for, our subconscious and more illusive aspects of our personalities. The experience includes an initial meeting to discuss many aspects of yourself, what you want, what you envision and your desires. I will then create a music soundtrack that will be the arch of the journey. Once that is ready, you will join me in the art studio where I will create your original oil pastel piece, side by side, while you are having your own painting experience to connect with this layer of yourself. We will be together, creating, transforming one perception into another. At the end, you will have 2 pieces of original art (1 created by me, and 1 created by you) and the music soundtrack for your story. 



18" x 36" oil pastel on canvas

Represents the releasing of limiting perceptions held within our eye sight.

Spotify Soundtrack found here

One of the pinnacle life moments piece in the Conceptual Installation Alchemizing a Human