Artist Bio, Resume and Statement

Artist Bio

Kelly Lynn is a self-taught abstract artist specializing in oil pastels and has been painting since 2004.  Originally from Northern Michigan, her main source of inspiration, and the spirit behind her present artwork, comes from nature and the cyclical patterns of the seasons that she’s loved since childhood. 

She emphasizes texture and color in her work by blending planes of oil pastels with solely her hands across the canvas.  Nature’s influence can be seen throughout her works with her signature vortexes, eliciting the ebb and flow of emotional currents one feels when surrounded by nature.  A superb colorist, Kelly’s pieces manage to soothe and excite simultaneously.

Kelly continues to evolve her technique, experimenting with new mediums and giving back to the community with Art Therapy workshops.  Recently, she has shown at Art Basel Miami, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, HUD Gallery, the Armory NYC, signed with an Italian Art Consultancy firm and has had several Live Painting performances in the USA & Canada.

Art Resume


Group Art Show #CorporateArt - Incinque Open Art Monti, Rome, Italy


Parallax Art Fair - Venice Arts 2016, California

Live Painting Performances with the Venice SymphonyOrchestra @ Bergamot Station - Santa Monica, CA


Chaos Theory Group Show - Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

HUD Gallery

Lab Art Show, Vancouver + Live Painting

LACDA Snap To Grid Photography Show


Armory NYC

Art Therapy Classes w/ Anne Douglas Center for Women

Italian Art Consultancy

Bruce Lurie Gallery


SCOPE Miami Beach 12/3-12/8, in tandem with Art Basel

Saatchi Online

Turning Art

Vango Art

Twenty20 Photography


Team One Gallery, El Segundo, CA

Modernism Week, Palm Springs, CA

Art Auction, Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA


James Grey Gallery, Bergamot Station, CA

Group Show, Hollywood, CA

Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk


Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

Private Collector


Levitt Pavilions GALA Charity Event

CAA Young Hollywood Charity Event

Commissioned Public Installation, Samitaur Constructs

Group Art Show, Hollywood, CA


Fashion Show Fundraiser - hand painted textiles, Beverly Hills, CA

Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

Cosmic Event - painting, photography & fabric installation, Los Angeles, CA

Private Collector


Private Collector


5 painting series for Douglas Emmett


Solo Show - Santa Monica, CA

Charity Auction for RSDS

Solo Show - Beverly Hills, CA


Private Collector

Artist Statement

Dog Person vs. Cat Person (?)

Does that even make sense? Who gives a crap if it makes sense, does it make you feel?  Does it lead you into un-explored territory - does it get you to….what….WHAT DO YOU FEEL?!


I seriously want to know.  I want you to expel all that pent up rage, frustration & unbridled energy that you lock away inside of you from fear.  Fear of what - you tell me.  But - F’CKING. GET. IT. OUT.


I want all that fear, all that darkness inside of you, to explode into a million pieces, revealing that tender vulnerability it conceals so delicately.  The wall you hide behind that desperately desires freedom - to be torn down, to be understood.  The gold that is only yours.  So precious.  So beautiful.  So pure. 

That is Rainbowland. 

To perceive the universe as living within your self (not something intangibly external).  All of us, on a primal layer, share this spectrum.  In that space, we are connected, we are One.  We are naked souls orbiting one another in fluid grace, moment to moment with ever fluctuating colors.  It’s another dimension that lives within each of us - look into another’s eyes and you see the gateway, stare for over a minute and you can’t help but fall in love.  We are the universe.  We are Rainbowland. 

Rainbowland is acceptance.

Acceptance of you, of me, of everything surrounding us as perfection - precisely how it needs to be in this very moment in order to achieve the next moment, should there be one.  Safe in it’s rawness.  Not an illusion of peace, love and joy - but, REAL Joy, Love & Peace that is found when you accept yourself for all that you are and can accept another for all that they are - Light, Dark and in-between with no conditions.  That which can only be truly given by yourself to yourself.  We just need to re-fresh the communication channel.   

Strip away the layers to find that primal connected sense within and play, just play and listen to the sound emanating from within you. 

You are a rainbow.

Certifications & Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Central Michigan University

Reiki II Certified

Self-Taught Artist since 2004