Soul Love Symphony

Life Unfinished Chapter 6: Soul Love Symphony

In the dark, fears cascaded across my mind. I was running and running, looking for a silver ring I had lost. This piece of jewelry represented happiness and sunshine.  I fell to the floor, sobbing in fear of being lost and uncertain, I spoke “I’m never going to find it” between the tears.  

At that moment, a man appeared and extended his hand to me, “How will you know if you never try?” I stared at him as I took his hand. I still only remember his eyes, but those words, in the sea of confusion of a dream, snapped me out of a fog.

As I stood up he disappeared and I began to search and feel my way in the dark.  Slowly, I saw light appear from far away. I started jogging towards the light, at first, timidly, then, upon getting closer, much faster with wild purpose.  I reached the door and stepped through, the dark of once prior now merely a faded memory barely able to be retraced.  

In this room was a woman standing in the middle and there were paintings all around her.  One by one I looked at them and felt more alive than when awake. This woman smiled at me.  I asked her, “Whose are these?”, motioning to all the creations in the room. Smiling still, she spoke “They’re yours” and the silver ring was resting on the table in the middle of the room.

Grasping for air, I jolted out of bed…

…then she begins, the blank canvas staring into me, asking me to tell her all my stories.  I gladly tell her, stroke by stroke and color by color all the gory details. I was born this way.

Soul Love Symphony is the story of two souls hearing the music of one another leading each other back home, to each other.

He Said
She Said