Remember your inner child and have a massive belly laugh!

Play with paints in my art studio! Learn how oil pastels can help you create artwork, personal journal, or release & explore emotions AND have a great time doing it! I create all my pieces by hand and I’ll be right next to you to answer any questions you may have.
— Kelly Lynn
Chakra Exploration Art Experience


This is a 7 week series where we will focus on one chakra per gathering.

Our chakras are energy and color focal points between our physical and subtle bodies. This experience will saturate you within the color of the chakras while we explore and give focused attention to each area of energy within our bodies. There will be learning, focus training, guidance in hearing your inner subtle bodies and channeling the inner dialogue through creative expression.
— Kelly Lynn
I have attended two separate workshops with Kelly and I thoroughly enjoyed both. I attended the first one with some co-workers and had so much fun that I brought two friends along the next time a workshop came up.

They both enjoyed the workshop so much that they have been asking to go again!

Not only is the atmosphere relaxing, motivating and inspiring, the guidance that Kelly gives not only made me believe that I could create art, I did create art. - Cathy G., Los Angeles


Immerse yourself within the genesis of a painting



creative disclaimers

A couple overall details: workshops are held in my home art studio.  The address will be provided once payment has been received reserving your spot.  I am located in the NE quad of Grand Rapids, MI.  I have an adorable female kitty named Charlie.  I vacuum daily in case anyone has a sensitivity to kitty cats.  We paint on the floor for the most part with our hands, so wear comfortable clothing that you do not mind getting dirty.