Let's Play Workshop

April 29, 2017 1:30pm - 3:30pm EST

Investment $30

Remember your inner child and have a massive belly laugh!

What we’ll be doing:

Playing.  Lots and lots of playing and experimenting and getting paint all over our hands and possibly clothing.  So please wear something suitable for that type of experience and jewelry is best left at home.  We’re going to be on the floor, laughing and looking at strange ways the colors can move along the paper and/or canvas and be smudged, hardened, smoothed and blended or not.  

This is, essentially, an introduction to Oil Pastels and the many ways they can be used for art, for personal journaling, and for emotional release.  Most importantly, this is a time of playing and reconnecting with our inner child.  Give yourself the time to connect within for a couple hours.  I’ll provide everything you need so all you do is show up.  I’ll even clean up after you, like the encouraging creative nurturer that I am! 

Step into rainbowland for a bit and let your eccentricity fly!

I have attended two separate workshops with Kelly and I thoroughly enjoyed both. I attended the first one with some co-workers and had so much fun that I brought two friends along the next time a workshop came up.

They both enjoyed the workshop so much that they have been asking to go again!

Not only is the atmosphere relaxing, motivating and inspiring, the guidance that Kelly gives not only made me believe that I could create art, I did create art. - Cathy G., Los Angeles

Sensory Art Immersion Experience - Coming in Spring 2017

Investment $60

immerse yourself within the genesis of a painting

What we’ll be doing:

This is where I show you the really hippie-dippie sector of rainbowland.  This is for adults only. Think of it like a painting sensory room, where you’ll literally walk into rainbowland and be tasked with listening to the same music soundtrack used to create one of the pieces and then recreate it. 

You should be familiar with how to use oil pastels or acrylics, or at least come from a perspective of giving it a shot without any instruction from me.

I’ll create the atmosphere with candles, crystals and aromatherapy - some moldavite incense will be smoldering in the nook too.   Not to worry, there will be wine!  No, I am not trying to seduce you…my hope is that you seduce yourself and connect internally.  I’ll provide everything. You should just plan to show up and be open to the rainbowland experience - leave your normal world at the door.  


creative disclaimers

A couple overall details: workshops are held in my home art studio.  The address will be provided once payment has been received reserving your spot.  I am located in the NE quad of Grand Rapids, MI.  I have an adorable female kitty named Charlie.  I vacuum daily in case anyone has a sensitivity to kitty cats.  We paint on the floor for the most part with our hands, so wear comfortable clothing that you do not mind getting dirty.