An Artists' Approach

I am a self-taught abstract artist specializing in oil pastels and have been painting since 2004. I love offering art as a way to experience the release that comes with freedom of expression. No rules. Only openness, play, and experimentation without the need for a polished/finished product at the end. I have learned that it’s in the unknown where a person has the greatest epiphany about themselves, learning to trust in their own inner voice.

All of my workshops and one-on-one sessions center around art as a transformation tool. My belief is that everyone has untold emotions and stories hidden deep within them, and I simply create a positively enhanced and supportive environment to let those stories come out in whatever way needed. You become a canvas as I help facilitate your inner connection through artistic exploration which leads to the intentional re-design of your internal emotional architecture. I believe that Life is Art

I am here to really see you, listen to you, and help you see how incredibly beautiful and powerful you are.



Art as transformation tools.


Art's job is to aide the viewer in experiencing a depth of feeling, to trigger movement from within the viewer all while never coming into physical contact.  Emotions are one of the foundational building blocks of creativity and life.  Learn how you can understand and re-train your emotional world using the power of Art.  



Transform the vibe of your space with original artwork.

Original Artwork

Abstract, oil pastel work

Each piece is painted with only my hands. My process is triggered by an emotional reaction which then seeks music as its' narrator.  Once the songs have found their way into the playlist, the colors begin to swirl and I am pulled to the canvas, bare hands, on the floor with music blaring, utterly consumed in the emotional saturation of the experience.  


Emotional Transmutation Experiences

Creative Workshops


Art is used for transformation.  Become the pioneer and innovator of your emotional world. 

These experiences are intended to hold space for your inner world to have the stage.  We draw upon many facets of creativity, psychology, physical movement and engage all of our senses in these get togethers. 

Through art, find contentment.

Intent, Art and Functional Integrate

Home Goods

Home decorating, intentional art prints and digital downloads

Whether you are looking for that special pop of color, statement home accessory item or looking for something different and unique yet still functional, this is where you'll find a variety of items.  Choose from original artwork, nature photography and intentional graphic design pieces. 

Live Painting 

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"What I love most with live painting is being completely saturated in the moment.  The intensity of the music and the energy of the guests ignite a total immersion into the colors that elicit the creation of the piece that can only be achieved from that circumstance.  I am merely the story teller of the evening, weaving together your colors in a new visual experience for the audience." - Kelly Lynn

Living it up in Grand Rapids.


After living the past 13 years in Los Angeles with days and days of sunshine, I thought it was a good idea to head back to my home state of Michigan and set up a new studio in Grand Rapids!  Lake Michigan will always pull me back here, as will my family, friends and the general overall quality of us Michiganders!  Who else is ready for summertime?!