Conscious Release meditation video

This inspired meditation incorporates 10 Solfeggio frequencies in total, from delicate background sounds, to the featured oriental Koto tuned to: 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, and 639Hz. This beautiful Koto music renders a unique timeless ancient feel, that sits wonderfully over the 417Hz Punjabi drones, to assist in the release of crystallised emotional bondage.


This meditation creation features positive affirmations surrounding being present in love within a variety of expressions. The music featured is the Resonare Fibris 417hz Solfeggio Frequency that assists with breaking up old emotional patterns, undoing situations, and facilitating change. Featured Solfeggio Frequency Music from Jandy Rainbow.



Rebooting A Broken Heart

Top 50 Things I Learned From Marriage & Divorce


Playing with Anxiety

How Can Anxiety Inspire You is a clear, proactive, 7-day guide that helps you intentionally move the emotion through your body and rediscover your inner ability to create positive change in your life.

Imagine resistance transforming into discovery, giving you a new perspective on what’s at the root of the issue causing the emotion to flare up. 

This guided download will support you in shifting your emotions, clear negative thinking and re-ignite your passion for life. Everything is changing at an incredible pace, and it is easy to feel foggy and confused on which direction to take. 

So how do you best ride the waves of these transformational times? The first step is to reconnect with your inner-self. 

To support this process, I’d like to share a powerful activation to:

- Balance your emotions
- Clear negativity
- Reconnect to the amazing being that you truly are

Download this FREE activation today.

My hope is that this helps you. Should you feel compelled to try it, please let me know how it goes for you. My greatest wish for you is that you feel your inner-contentment and are able to consciously find your own way back at any point you so choose.

Much love to you on this incredible journey, xx

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