Original Oil Pastel Abstract Artworks

Each piece is created by my hands and a music soundtrack. These pieces allow an expression of emotions without the details of reality behind them. Each event triggers a complex dynamic of responses based upon your unique life path. When we let go of details and comparing, and be present in the moment seeing the flow of colors, we, hopefully, can feel a sense of connection, a sense of inspiration. 

Art Yourself



For those wishing to transform a moment of their life into an original oil pastel piece of art. 

I'll take you on an abstract artistic journey of your own emotional undercurrents. Art speaks to, and for, our subconscious and more illusive aspects of our personalities.

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Digital marketing & creative services

Creative, Strategy + Production 

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I specialize in digital creative content for social media engagement. With a background in advertising strategy, creative and production, I consult with entrepreneurs and small business owners on how best to build awareness and reach via their social platforms within their current resource parameters.

I know how to execute and turn an idea/vision into physical reality with step by step guided milestones and goal tracking.